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Imagine a closet full of clothes and everything to wear! We have all experienced the feeling of looking into our closet and feeling that although we have a full closet, we just can't find the right outfit to wear. This could be a daily obstacle or one that comes only when we are attending certain types of events. Envision having a tidy closet that offers easy access to the items you need for your current lifestyle. I can help you achieve this.

Allow me to offer you a consultation sesssion where we will meet in your home and discuss your needs and space limitations. We will go over a questionaire that I have developed to better understand your individual needs and personal style.

I will then work up a proposal for tackling your organizational and wardrobe dilemnas. We will work side by side to create closets that work for you. I offer many money and time saving tips , including how to benefit from items you are discarding, how to save money on clothing care and how to cut future spending.

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